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Capturing Video From IP Cameras or IP Webcams

Solution Our MotionView software is capable of recording video from any IP Camera or IP Webcam, so long as the camera provides an MJPG video stream or an RTSP stream. Almost all IP Cameras provide a URL through which you can access these video streams. We have specific support built into our software for the AXIS family of IP cameras.

Below are some example URLs for IP Cameras on the internet that provide such a video stream. These URLs can be pasted directly into the "Config Cams" screen within MotionView after you choose "IP Webcam" for the camera type.

You will need to refer to your camera's user guide to determine the full URL needed to access it's MJPG video stream.

If your camera is configured to require a username and password, you can include this in the URL as shown below:


Note that : character must be placed between the user name and the password, and the @ character must be placed between the password and the rest of the camera's URL.

You can also pass parameters to the camera as shown below. Each parameter name should be preceeded by a ? character. The parameter value is then preceeded by the = character.

All of the URLs shown below are valid:

Refer to the user guide for your camera to determine which parameters it accepts.
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