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How does the Optishot compare to the P3ProSwing?

Solution ** The statements made in this posting are the opinions of our staff. You are encouraged to contact the manufacturers of these devices for further information. **

Both the Optishot and the P3ProSwing simulators make use of upward pointing infrared leds, and an associateed array of sensors which detect the infrared light reflected downwards from the bottom of the golf club as it passes through the hitting zone. We have not noticed any difference in accuracy between the shot results on the Optishot vs the P3ProSwing.

In our opinion, the Optishot golf courses look and feel more realistic and "3 dimensional" than the ones provided with the P3ProSwing. Check out our website for screenshots of the Optishot software in action. The graphics on the P3ProSwing are not as stunning as what we see on the Optishot.

The Optishot provides simulations of a driving range plus a number of real world golf courses. As of this writing, the P3ProSwing provides only a driving range module and one or two generic golf courses.

The Optishot comes with a replaceable artifical turf top surface, whereas the P3ProSwing offers a thick rubber surface. The P3ProSwing surface is quite sturdy, but you will definitely feel it if you stub the club into it. The P3ProSwing rubber top requires periodic lubrication.

Both units work best with irons, due to the naturally reflective design and narrow club face width of irons. When swinging fairway woods and drivers you may find that the results are less than perfect (this depends entirely on the shape of the club and the amount of reflectivity it offers on the bottom leading edge).

The P3ProSwing comes with reflective tape that can be applied on the bottom of your clubs if needed. The Optishot does not come with tape, but we have found that often simple painters tape or electrical tape, placed across the bottom of the club about 1/2" from the leading edge accomplishes exactly the same thing.

The Dancin Dogg Optishot indoor golf simulator is, in our opinion, a tremendous value when compared to virtually any other golf simulator.
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