Projector Impact Hitting Screens for Indoor Golf Simulators

Hit real balls into high quality projection impact hitting screens. Works with any projector or golf simulator!

Designed for use with any indoor golf simulator, our custom video projection impact screens are available in a variety of sizes. Our

pure white golf simulator projector impact screens

allow you to hit real golf balls into a life size video projection of a simulated golf course! Finally you can bring your indoor golf simulation to life with our rugged SEAMLESS golf impact hitting screens designed to accept full shots from real golf balls!

Our unique golf projection hitting screen fits perfectly into our "MiniBay™" indoor golf practice cage (specially designed with a small footprint for rooms with 9' or lower ceilings). You can also install the impact screen in any standard 10' tall golf hitting enclosure. Our golf projection screens can even be suspended from your ceiling with simple eye-bolts. No hitting bay is required!

Unlike most golf simulator hitting screens on the market, our golf impact video screens contain NO SEAMS! Pictured is our complete indoor golf simulator in a room with 8'7" ceilings. This is the perfect addition to your bonus or game room!

Video projection impact screens
for golf

  • Available in many sizes
  • Always SEAMLESS
  • Can stop real golf balls hit with any club
  • Rollout on floor creates automatic ball return
  • Easy to install
  • Pictured in MiniBay™ at 8' high x 4' deep
  • Can also be hung directly from your ceiling

MicroBay™ Freestanding Screen

  • Very tiny footprint for tight spaces
  • Works in any room with 8' ceilings or lower
  • Stands only 2' deep
  • Includes white baffle netting
  • Includes 7' tall x 8' wide projection screen
  • Sets up in about 20 minutes!

MiniBay™ Hitting Enclosure

  • Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Works in any room with 8' ceilings or higher
  • Includes heavy duty black backing baffle
  • Can be built up to a 10x10x10 if desired
  • Pictured at 8' high x 4' deep
  • Accepts golf hitting screens up to 9.5x9.5
  • Poles purchased locally allows custom sizing
  • Illustrated setup guide for easy installation!

View easy setup pictures!

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